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    Gourmet Coffee

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Ethiopia Harrar

A little something about us

Handing Roasting the Old Fashioned Way


I'm a huge coffee fan and their coffee has blown my mind. I drink coffee black and theirs was so smooth that I was left speechless. They care so much about their coffee and roast it themselves. 

Josue Galaviz "Facebook"

Pretty dang good cup of bean juice!

Roosta Lanagan "Google"

I stopped on my way to Houston area. I’m kind of a coffee snob so i look for local coffee shops when I travel. This place did not disappoint! Several selections to choose from. They even allow you to sample as many as you like.

Rich McGuire "Facebook"

This place is amazing! I love all the different coffee choices and the affordable price! It’s a great place to do school work as well!

Alicia Hansen "Facebook"

A nice variety of coffees from around the world. Very helpful staff and there's a drive-thru!

Lisa Morgan "Google"

Mild To Wild!

We currently import from nine different family farms that are situated all around the world.