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All Monkeys Cannot Hang on the Same Branch - Old Kenya Proverb

Kenya is a country that stimulates the imagination.  

Lions. Cheetahs. Rhinos. And Elephants. Kenya is the Africa of our dreams.

And the Swahili and English languages in a poetic mix among the people fill the air with verbal music.

Kenya, like many African countries is known for its metaphorical proverbs. Here are a few.

"Only a fool tests the river with both feet." This one is fairly easy for a Western mind to get. Ever go on a blind date? Ooo. Or how about bought property unseen? Try before you buy, right?

"A hyena cannot smell its own stench." American politicians anyone? 

"Having a good conversation is like having riches." Which brings us to coffee. Coffee and conversation go together like ham and cheese. After half a mug, all have something to offer. And the Nine Flags Coffee Shop is just like a think tank on some days. Fun and love. 

And Kenya coffee is a big part of that. It is the favorite of many Nine Flags customers.

The odd thing about coffee from this country of the wry proverb is that Kenya is but 1200 miles from the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia. And though relatively close, coffee was never cultivated in the mountains of the country until the 1890s. That's maybe 900 years after the bean was discovered in the neighboring Ethiopia. 

Maybe it was the lions, cheetahs and snakes that made for a slow migration of the bean to Kenya.

Ethiopian coffee is amazing, sure, Kenya's too, and different.  Kenya offers a fresh and floral aroma and zippy tastes of berries and lemongrass. It's all about the different soil. 

"Hurrying has no blessing."

So slow down. Drink some Kenya. Have a great conversation with a friend and be the richer for it.

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