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In Dog Coffees

"In dog coffees, I’ve only had one." -- anonymous


I don't care about the weather, the president, the ball game.
Nothing to say. Nada.

Tornadoes. Trump. The pitcher this. The quarterback that. 

It's all background noise.
And then, I sip some magic. 

It reaches down into the basement of my soul where I store the things I care about.
My brain shines like the Las Vegas strip. And, I have opinions. 

They all leap out of my mouth without so much as a see-you-later.
I yell their curfew is 9:30 tonight. They laugh, trot around, embarrass me.

Later, they come back home, sheepish. Go to their rooms to get some sleep.
Promise they'll be good tomorrow.

At dawn, they seek the coffee shop where people talk
president, weather, and ball game. It's life without a ringmaster.