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Nine Flags Coffee Has a Resident Artist - Doug Lieberman

Over the past six months or so, we've had the privilege of featuring the artwork of Doug Lieberman in our social media. We've heard lots of nice comments from our customers and friends, so we put together a review of Doug's cartoons from the past many months for you here.

Welcome SFA Lumberjacks

We ran the first one that Doug did for us in the fall as SFA college students were returning to classes. We love the humor that comes through in this piece!

Here Doug gives the Nine Flags Coffee drinker super powers (which of course they do have).

 Ordering Coffee

This one is a joke. The cartoon is a cup of coffee, so they won't serve him. This is Doug's detective character which he has drawn several times for us. 


When we posted this one on Pinterest, it was very popular. The headline was "Nine Flags Coffee is on the Case."

This cartoon is an alien named Beko slurping Nine Flags Coffee. His gun suggests that you not bother him while he's drinking it.

Coffee container...

This one comes directly from our Pinterest board. It's not unusual to have to pay close attention to Doug's drawings to "get it." On this one the "cow" is actually made up of two cartons of cream (look again)!


What is the 9 Flags Sheriff thinking?


Another Nine Flags detective cartoon. 


 Wanted poster in which Doug pokes fun at Starbucks. 

And here's a debut cartoon from Doug, never posted on social media (yet)... Drum roll please!


We hope you've enjoyed these Doug Lieberman cartoons. 

By the way, Nine Flags Coffee has recently launched the Nine Flags (Coffee Snob) Weekly. It's Humor, fun, and insight from the world of coffee. 

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