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The Year of the Big Bug of 2020

Everyone is worried.

In just a few days, our lives went from, "Hi, how are you," to Disneyland and the NBA have closed up shop for the foreseeable future. 

Our lives went from a walk-in-the-park to tilt-a-whirl in a moment.

It reminds me of being in Nacogdoches in 2005 and being told that a hurricane is heading our way. There's an edgy calm to it all.

One day we were watching a sci-fi movie; now we are characters in the movie (and so far in the plot, the zombies have bought all the toilet paper at Walmart).

And yes, it feels like a hammer is hovering overhead ready to fall at any moment.

At some point, we are going to long for normal. And in the middle of the mess, we are going to cling to things that ground us. 

Poems, bible verses, spring colors, favorite TV shows and movies all might help us feel normal. 

Good foods: burgers, salads, bar-b-ques and more can play a part in us feeling like people. 

We probably won't know what some of those comforts will be until we are experiencing it.

For me, I know that my favorite coffee will play a starring roll in feeling normal and alive.

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