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We Are Inspired

We are inspired by...

The Caddo natives, who lived their lives in Nacogdoches for hundreds of years before Spanish missionaries arrived, Cabeza de Vaca, the first European explorer of Texas whose story of survival against all odds is unique in the pages of history, the French, who came, saw, thought better and left, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition who sacked Nacogdoches in 1812 in an effort to wrest a wild Texas from Spain, eventually losing all at the battle of Medina, the bloodiest in Texas' history.

We are inspired by...

James Long, the scheming filibuster, who also took Nacogdoches in an effort to win freedom for Texas but was executed by the Spanish government, and Father Miguel Hidalgo who was executed by firing squad when he cried for freedom from the corruption of royal Spain.

We are inspired by the defenders of the Alamo, many who ate raccoon and bear in Nacogdoches for a few days, and died to buy time for Sam Houston.

We are inspired by...

The Republic of Texas, the United States of America and all righteous ideals she stands for, the veterans of the war between the states whose graves dot memorial lawns in sleepy graveyards all around Nacogdoches County.

We are inspired by...

The great state of Texas which bred the Buffalo Soldiers, The Comanches, and the Texas Rangers who all fought and played a role in the forging of its people.

We are also inspired by distant lands which grow the world’s best coffee.
Countries in Central America such as Honduras, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, Mexico our brother country which shares our border and much history.
We are inspired by the far away African tropics which give us coffee from Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya.

We are inspired...

by Exotic lands in the east: Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam which each cultivate their unique coffee beans for the world’s coffee drinkers.

We are inspired.

So we roast these beans over red hot oak to make one of the smoothest cups you’ve ever tasted.

We are Nine Flags Coffee Roasters, 1504 North Street, Nacogdoches, Texas.